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Butte County Mothers of Multiples
  • We are a twins club in the Chico and surrounding Butte County areas. We are here to support Mothers of
    Multiples ( Twins, Triplets and more). Through the friendships formed by our common experience, we provide
    educational, social, emotional support and guidance to meet the special challenge of parenting two, three, or
    more children born together                                        
  • The Butte County Mothers of Multiples Club is for parents of multiples at many stages.  Whether you are
    pregnant, or a parent of infants, toddlers or school age multiples, there is something for you
  • As a parent or guardian of multiples you know the special joys and problems that come with having two or more
    babies at once. You may have questions and you find that your friends and relatives who have singletons may
    not understand your unique
  • Many parents find support and encouragement from other parents of multiples through a Mothers of Multiples
    Club. This is a place where Mothers can meet and help each other by discussing the joys and problems of raising
    two or more the same
  • With your paid membership dues to Butte County Mothers of Multiples you will also become a member of both
    National Organization and Northern California Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs.
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National Organization of  Mothers of
Twins Club, Inc.
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Northern California Association of
Mothers of Twins Clubs
To join  us  
Contact Membership at:
" Twins, Triplets, and Quadruplets! "
Members now have the option to pay membership dues through PayPal!
Please contact our Treasure, Cathi Madsack if you have any questions

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